Monday, 6 August 2012

Fixing Stage COMPLETE :)

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the belated update, been so these few months busy..
Fixing stage was completed on 19 July, we had our private inspector on site.  He found some minor errors in sections of the house. We raised this concerns with our Building supervisor and we arrange to a meeting. We  meet our  Building supervisor on site and handed our Private inspector report to him. He listen to our concern and he would follow up on error and have these sorted. 

Here are the long awaited pictures below:

Here is the our facade rendered (first coat only)

Our Front door 

Front door after being stained painted 

Our newly installed kitchen cupboards

Pantry Cupboards

Our Special Void 

Our PCI inspection is this coming up on 13th of August :) Cant believe is happening so fast.
We would appreciate any advise during the inspection day?? such as what should we be long out for?? any comment or suggest would be a great value :)


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lock up stage Completed!!!

Hey Guys :)

Lock up stage has been completed. We were so excited to visit over the weekend and to see our facade is nearly complete (still needs to be rendered).We cant wait to see the final product.  My DH and I were very pleased :)  Once, again PD has done a Fantastic Job :)

Here it is finally! Our long awaited pictures of our facade.  We have dreamed of finally seeing the images of our once 2D paper based facade to the real life image.

The plaster has also been delivered. Fixing up stage should begin very soon. We will keep you guys updated!!


Monday, 7 May 2012

Frame Stage Complete :)

 Hey guys,

Good news, the Frame has been completed on 30th of April. We have been so amazed how fast construction has been, even the rain these past few days has not slowed construction.  Although I did hate getting my shoes muddy and finding muddy trails in our house. As you can see in the picture some muddy trails from the front of the house.
 Here's the angle view of  the facade.
 The view from the front door.

We had our private inspector to inspect the frame and overall he was very pleased with the job. He could only find minor defects. I contacted my SS about the minor defects and the next day he taken swift action and had a carpenter rectify the minor defects. Our SS has been so great, he listens to our concern and taken appropriate actions. Two thumbs up, for Great work :)

I'll keep you guys update, I will post soon....